Guarantee terms and conditions - General

All Mora Armatur products are designed and manufactured according to EU standards. The products are carefully tested in our factory before delivery to the customer.
Please read and carefully follow the use and maintenance instructions provided with the product. Correct installation, maintenance and use guarantees the product’s long-term sustainability.

In order for the guarantee to be valid, you must have followed the product’s installation and maintenance instructions and the applicable rules. You will find the installation and maintenance instructions in the product package or on our website. Installation must have been performed in a professional manner.

Guarantee claim
If you are not satisfied, or if a product is faulty, you can make a guarantee claim at the place where you bought the product (in the shop or via the installation firm). As a customer, you must be able to prove the date you purchased the product by producing a receipt or a copy of the invoice supplied on delivery.

How to get assistance

Contact your dealer. Always keep your receipt, which is your proof of purchase. You must display your receipt in order to make a guarantee claim.