Thermostatic mixer MORA CERA T4

A bathroom is a place for relaxation, pleasure and recharging your batteries. So fill it with enjoyment. Save energy effortlessly, protect against fluctuations in water temperature, take an extra long shower with a clear conscience. Mora Cera puts quality time in your bathroom in countless ways.


  • With shower connection up for Shower Systems
  • Compensates for temperature and pressure fluctuations
  • Temperature handle with safety stop at 38°C and 42°C
  • With Eco-function
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717
  • Extra user-friendly grips, approved by the Rheumatism Association in Sweden

Backflow protection unit type EB

K Cera II Term 150cc.png
No. Art no. RSK Description
1 409653.AA 8345188 On/off handle, complete, chrome, retail packed
2 409658.AA 8345190 End cover, chrome, retail packed
3 409354.AA 8345137 Ceramic headwork, retail packed
4 708079.AE Eco, Stop ring, on/off
5 708764.AE 8345114 Thermostatic cartridge
6 209556.AE 8345184 Stop ring, temperature
7 409654.AA 8345189 Temperature handle, complete, chrome, retail packed
8 409656 8344876 Swivel spout, for coversion of shower mixer to bath/shower mixer, chrome
9 209519.AE 8938340 O-ring, for swivel spout
10 131415.AE 8281512 Housing M24 utv., 15 mm, chrome
11 409650.AA 8345187 On/off- and temperature handle, complete, chrome, retail packed
12 708338.AE Non-return valve (2 pcs)
13 139465.AE 8186872 Non-return valve, with lock ring
14 708080.AE Holder for filter, complete
15 709339.AE 8938274 Gasket
16 409659.AE 8187025 Shower connector M18x1xG1/2
17 129154.AE 8295332 Stop ring
18 139783.AE 8281546 Aerator inlet, 20–24 l/min at 300 kPa
19 209494.AE 8314141 Spout nipple incl cover ring

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