MORA CERA duo kitchen mixer

Modern technology has found its way into the kitchen faucet. Now you don´t have to worry about the risk of bacteria moving onto your kitchen faucets while you cook. Mora Cera Duo is a perfect combination of the modern touchless technology and a traditional kitchen mixer. This gives you the possibility to get full cold or warm water by using the lever like on a traditional single lever mixer.

This also works well in a household where not everyone is comfortable with the touchless design and still wants access to the lever. The water temperature for water activated by the sensor is pre-set on the mixing valve placed under the mixer, this means that you don´t need to adjust the temperature on the lever before using the touchless function.

The Duo mixer offer not only maximum protection against the spread of bacteria, but are also extremely economical because they deliver the exact amount of water that is needed. The mixer is equipped with all advanced technology that you normally find in Mora Armatur mixer – ESS, Soft Closing, EcoSafe® etc. Low power consumption - Battery Operated (battery included) can be adapted for mains operation 12V AC/DC.

Chrome, battery operation, included battery
Article number


  • ESS (energy saving system)
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Adjustable flow control and temperature limiter
  • Eco (energy and water saving aerator)
  • Swivel spout, limitation part for 60°, 85°, 110° or 360° included
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding
  • Can be turned off for 5 min. (eg for cleaning)
  • Low power consumption - Long life
  • IP class sensor, IP67
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717

  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • All models can be adapted for either battery 6V or mains operation 12V AC/DC
  • For mains operation requires installation of the adapter kit S600147
  • Soft PEX® hoses with 3/8" connecting nut (stainless steel braided)
  • Hole diameter Ø34-37 mm

  • Programmable detection distance
  • Adjustable flush time
Backflow protection unit type EB
K Cera II Duo utan DM.png
No. Art no. RSK Description
1 409600.AE 8345186 Lever, complete
2 409392.AE 8344866 Colour marking and mounting screw for lever
3 409391.AE 8344865 Cover nut
4 409393.AE 8345179 Lock nut for cartridge, incl service tool
5 S600273 8387230 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, cold start (green ring)
6 409498.AE 8440573 Spout K5, complete
7 409496.AE 8440571 Spout K7, complete
8 131410.AE 8281509 Housing M22 int.
9 409388.AE 8346914 Fastening details, kitchen
10 729443 Mixing valve
11 S600277 8398040 Solenoid valve
12 S600166 8387157 Sensor
13 729441.AE Battery holder
14 S600135 8483191 Battery
15 S600129 8483188 Power supply 12V
16 S600131 8483190 AC adapter
17 S600141 8229257 Transition nipple
18 409340.AE 8531598 Stabilization kit
19 891096.AE 8345921 Service tool
20 439060.AE 8295361 Lock nut
21 131400.AE 8281495 Aerator insert, 11–15 l/min at 300 kPa
22 209524.AE 8346915 Limitation segment
23 209543.AE 8346916 Limitation segment 40°
24 708843.AE 8295357 O-ring (15,54 x 2,62), 2 pcs
25 309519.AE 8295318 Fixed plug, 2 pcs (black/grey)
26 109016.AE 8295331 Spout nipple, complete, for fixed spout
27 139595.AE 8295313 Stop screw with limitation segment
28 S600018 8394128 Spout nipple, complete



Accepted installation instructions


Lead Free means that we have replaced the lead normally found in brass alloys. In this way, we get products with less environmental impact. Lead Free-labeled products contain less than 0.1% lead and are thus classified as lead-free.


The table below the product shows the energy class of the mixer. Certificates for energy labeling can be found under documents.