MORA GARDEN outdoor basin tap

Now it's time to decorate the outdoor bathroom in the cottage with style. An handcrafted outdoor basin mixer with an industrial, rustic look, made of interconnected pipe sections to match the unique style of the outdoor shower. Connect your mixer to the garden hose and use the knob on the mixer too turn the water flow on and off.

If the mixer will be subjected to external temperatures lower than 0 °C, the product must be emptied of water, disassembled, and stored in a heated space.


  • For countertop thickness max 50 mm 
  • Connect the mixer to a garden hose with a G3/4" connector (not included) 
  • Hole diameter Ø27-42 mm



Accepted installation instructions


Lead Free means that we have replaced the lead normally found in brass alloys. In this way, we get products with less environmental impact. Lead Free-labeled products contain less than 0.1% lead and are thus classified as lead-free.


The table below the product shows the energy class of the mixer. Certificates for energy labeling can be found under documents.