MORA MMIX tronic basin mixer, battery operation (included battery)

Mora MMIX Tronic is a new sensor controlled basin mixer. Sensor controlled mixers started out in public facilities, but are increasingly finding their way into modern homes. A sensor detects when you put your hands underneath the mixer and automatically activates the water flow until you remove your hands. Hygienic, energy-efficient and childishly simple.


  • With temperature knob, battery operation (included battery) 
  • Soft closing solenoid valve 
  • Safe against vandalism, complete in metal 
  • Eco (energy and water saving constant flow aerator, 5 l/min at 200–600 kPa) 
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding 
  • 30 sec. rinse time via sensor 
  • Can be turned off for 60 sec. (eg for cleaning) 
  • Low power consumption - Long life 
  • Equipped with function for thermal disinfection against legionella 
  • IP class sensor, IP67 
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717 
  • Environmental friendly material, Lead free, Nickel Free 

  • Automatic sensor calibration 
  • After adjusting to the desired temperature, knob can be replaced with a lid 
  • All models can be adapted for either battery 6V or mains operation 12V AC/DC 
  • Mains operation requires installation of the AC adapter S600131 and power supply S600129, alternatively transformer S600128 
  • Soft Pex® hoses with non return valves and filters (stainless steel braided) 
  • Hole diameter Ø33,5-37 mm 

  • Adjustable max temperature 
  • Programmable function for hygiene flushing 
  • Adjustable flush time

Backflow protection unit type EB

  • lead free
K Mora MMIX Tronic.png
No. Art no. RSK Description
1 8553556 Electronic unit, standard
1 729452.AE 8553558 Electronic unit, centrally controlled
2 S600131 8483190 AC adapter
3 S600135 8483191 Battery
4 729455.AE 8553561 Solenoid valve
5 729457.AE 8553563 Cover plug
6 729456.AE 8553562 Lever, chrome
6 729456.11AE 8483168 Lever, black PVD
6 729456.14AE 8483180 Lever, polished copper PVD
6 729456.16AE 8483181 Lever, champagne PVD
6 729456.60AE 8483182 Lever, polished brass PVD
7 729458.AE 8553564 Fastening
8 131415.AE 8281512 Housing M24 utv., 15 mm, chrome
8 131415.11AE 8281550 Housing M24 utv., 15 mm, black PVD
8 131415.14AE 8281662 Housing M24 ext., 15 mm, polished copper PVD
8 131415.16AE 8281663 Housing M24 ext., 15 mm, champagne PVD
8 131415.60AE 8281664 Housing M24 ext., 15 mm, polished brass PVD
9 729485.AE 8184336 Self-closing handshower
10 309209.AE 8181508 Shower hose, 1500 mm
11 129296.AE 8295327 Filter kit Soft PEX 3/8 (2 pcs)
12 132205.AE 8281441 Aerator insert, 5 l/min at 200–600 kPa



Accepted installation instructions


Lead Free means that we have replaced the lead normally found in brass alloys. In this way, we get products with less environmental impact. Lead Free-labeled products contain less than 0.1% lead and are thus classified as lead-free.


The table below the product shows the energy class of the mixer. Certificates for energy labeling can be found under documents.

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