Save water and energy

According to the trade organisation ”Svenskt vatten” an average Sweden uses roughly 140 liters of water every day. And a fifth of the energy in a typical household goes to water heating. You can control this. Because our taps aren’t only beautiful and functional they’re also energy-efficient.

Energy-efficient. We know that an environmentally smart mixer can cut your water and energy consumption by up to 30 percent. Many of our products are classified under Swed - ish energy class A to C for mixers. And the Eco Plus function reduces water pressure without affecting perceived comfort.

The Mora ESS energy-saving system ensures that when the mixer lever is in the central position, the tap only sup - plies cold water, without mixing in warm water that requires energy to heat up. Studies have shown that we usually turn the tap off before the water has had time to warm up.

Mora Cera Duo Miniprofi and Mora MMIX Tronic are our touch-free taps. When you put your hand in front of the sensor, the tap automatically starts and supplies water for a limited time. This saves water and energy.

Read more about the energy marking at Kiwas webpage