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Mora ESS

For the environment

By installing a Mora ESS mixer in both your bathroom and your kitchen, the hot water consumption ca be reduced by about 30%, with minimal impact on user comfort. This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of one modern deep freezer. This really brings home how all of us can contribute significantly to saving energy and reducing environmental impact by choosing Mora ESS.

For your health

Hot and warm tap water can pose a serious health risk, and should not be used for drinking or preparing food. A Mora ESS mixer has a very wide cold water zone. This almost completely eliminates the risk of hot tap water accidentally mixing with cold water, without compromising on comfort. Particularly children benefit from this: when pouring their own tap water, there is far less risk of hot and cold water being mixed than with a traditional mixer.

For your economy

In addition to all the environmental benefits, Mora ESS offers substantial savings. Our new Mora ESS brochure illustrates this very clearly. An example shows a calculation of how a housing company with approximately 1 500 apartments can save almost 694 500 sek annually, year after year.