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Many years ago, we decided to make increasing efforts to promote a better and more sustainable environment. For this reason, we’re now focusing more intensely on solving minor everyday environmental problems, because we know from experience that they affect us as strongly as the major ones.

The concept behind EcoSafe™ is to always take the whole picture into account. Otherwise we risk helping the environment in one area but losing ground in another. In light of this, we need to first minimise the overall environmental impact of our business and production, and then reduce the total environmental impact of consumers who use our products.

Solving environmental problems at this level is no easy task. To succeed, the company has gathered all the experience, know-how and commitment it can muster. Together, we have reviewed all aspects of our products, from our mixers’ energy-saving and water-saving functions to transportation and energy consumption in our factories. However, the greatest environmental contribution is made by our customers who use Mora ESS energy-saving taps every day, thereby eliminating hot water wastage.