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MORA INXX II combines classic design with high performance, constant temperature, outstanding comfort and effective scald protection. The overhead shower has a large, slim shower head that looks great in bathrooms with a strong character and striking shapes, as well as in classic bathrooms designed for rest and relaxation. The mixer has been tested and approved according to current building regulations and is energy-efficient, which means it reduces water and energy use without compromising on comfort. The INXX II collection offers a world-class water experience.

Mora One

The shower is an obvious and functional interior detail that lifts the entire bathroom. Mora One is available as a shower and head shower set, or as a complete shower system kit including shower or bath mixer.

–     Mora One is inspired by the 90-year old history of Mora Armatur, but is designed for a modern home. A warm, sober and elegant series, says Thomas Sandell, architect and designer.

Shower kit
Mora One Shower kit
Shower set
Mora One
Head shower set
Mora One Shower System


Mora MMIX combines a softly shaped, ergonomic exterior with an energy-efficient interior. It has a geometric design with softly billowing curves, and the whole product line conveys a timeless, uniform style. Mora MMIX was developed according to our unique EcoSafe™ environmental concept for low energy consumption and long-term environmental care.

Mora Cera

“Energy-smart news” With Mora Cera, we have aimed for the perfect combination of high comfort and modern visual design. For example, with the latest advances in energy technology, we have halved the amount of water used by the shower without compromising on comfort. A smart investment both for your wallet and the environment.

Shower system kit
Mora Cera Bath & Shower System kit
Bathroom concept
Mora Cera Bathroom Concept

Mora Flexx

In the Mora Flexx collection, strong focus has been placed on design. Soft, curved shapes are used consistently to create a coordinated look. This, along with our energy-saving functions and well-known high quality, makes them very popular with plumbers. Also see our shower and bath packages – smart all-in-one solutions with an overhead shower or hand shower set

Shower kit
Mora Flexx Shower kit
Shower set
Mora Flexx

Mora Rexx

Clean and simple to look at, easy to use. Despite its simplicity, Mora Rexx features innovative materials, colours and shapes. Our energy-saving functions guarantee longterm environmental care without compromising on comfort.

Mora Izzy

We have often asked architects, interior designers and stylists to pick out a favourite among our product series. They frequently choose Mora Izzy. Perhaps this is because of its distinctive spout, its neck or the V-shape of the dual-lever mixer. Whatever the reason, Izzy seems to appeal to individualists.

Mora Classic

Do you like a classic, slightly rustic style? Then Mora Classic is for you. The series reflects the romantic design ideals of the past, but is produced with modern methods and the latest quality and functional standards.

Shower set
Mora Classic shower set
Head shower set
Mora Classic Family