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Mora MMIX Care

Mora MMIX Care is a line of mixers specially designed to meet lifelong needs. Mora MMIX Care mixers have extra long levers and ergonomic knobs in easy-to-grip materials and clearly contrasting colours. Mora MMIX Care proves that ergonomic comfort can be combined with aesthetic excellence. These mixers’ special ergonomic functions complement their clean basic design, creating a softer look. Mora MMIX Care mixers are tested, approved and quality marked by the Swedish Rheumatism Association. In addition, they are specially designed to provide maximum energy savings in relation to your household’s water consumption.

Mora Safe

A new range of mixers for hospitals and customers that demands a legionella function. The legionella function is easily accessible without any disassembly. The mixers is delivered with a temperature stop ring with a safety stop at 38°C and a complete stop at 45°C. This means that it is easy to adjust the maximum temperature by adjusting the position of the stop ring.

Mora Rexx Care

Clean and simple to look at, easy to use. Despite its simplicity, Mora Rexx features innovative materials, colours and shapes. Our energy-saving functions guarantee longterm environmental care without compromising on comfort.

Mora Rexx Care basin mixer
Mora Rexx Care basin mixer