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Films - Our smart functions

There is function and quality behind every carefully designed faucet of Mora Armatur. The mixers are environmental friendly with major economic benefits.

Mora One

Mora One Mora One

Mora One is an elegant and strict series of mixers expressing usability, beauty and durability.

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Mora Cera Duo

Mora Cera Duo Mora Cera Duo

Mora Cera Duo with lever and sensor. Simple as child´s play.

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Mora Soft closing

Mora Soft closing Mora Soft closing

A soft closing system creates a moment’s delay before the mixer closes. This prevents pressure shocks and impact in the pipes, increasing the life of both mixers and pipes in the long term.

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Mora ESS

Mora ESS Mora ESS

When the mixer is turned on with the lever facing straight forwards only cold water is supplied. Most people find this the most comfortable position for turning the mixer on and off. When using the mixer briefly hot water is not drawn into the pipes to remain unused and eventually get cold. With Mora ESS, hot water is never unnecessarily wasted.

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Mora Comfort Shower

Mora Comfort Shower Mora Comfort Shower

Thermostatic mixers with our Comfort Shower symbol have a pressure control function as well as the ordinary thermostat. This is why we guarantee* that the temperature will remain within a range of ± 1 °C, regardless of any pressure or temperature fluctuations in the system.

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