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Mora Garden II:lla saat aina vettä esimerkiksi puutarhaan. Puutarhahana on erittäin toimintavarma ja helppo asentaa. Kun olet sulkenut veden ja irrottanut letkun liittimineen, Mora Garden II tyhjenee automaattisesti jäljelle jääneestä vedestä. Näin se ei pääse jäätymään. 

Mora Garden II
Mora Garden DN 20 vesipostihana
FM Mattsson


Supplement your shower or bath mixer with a mixer bracket. We also have solutions that allow users with surface-mounted pipes to choose the design of their mixer. Choose between round or square mixer brackets for copper or Pex/Alupex pipes. The mixer brackets have an approved design with screws and a wall seal.

Pinta-asennuslevy 150 c/c, esisulkuventtiilein


A heated towel rail is a smart solution for bathrooms, back entrance halls and other wet areas. It feels comfortable and luxurious to wrap yourself in a warm towel. A heated towel rail is also perfect for hanging washing on if you need it to dry quickly. And it also helps to heat the whole bathroom. FM Mattsson has various models to choose from. They are all water-heated.