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Guarantees and guarantee claims

Guarantee claim

If you are not satisfied, or if a product is faulty, you can make a guarantee claim at the place where you bought the product (in the shop or via the installation firm). As a customer, you must be able to prove the date you purchased the product by producing a receipt or a copy of the invoice supplied on delivery.

In order for a guarantee to be valid, the mixer must be installed and used correctly. Tubes and other parts must be installed in a professional manner in conformity with valid industry regulations. The guarantee does not cover frost damage or damage and functional faults arising as a result of water impurities. Neither does it cover damage caused by incorrect cleaning (scrubbing or use of abrasive or corrosive cleaning products), or damage arising from normal wear, incorrect installation, inappropriate use or failure to follow the installation or maintenance instructions.

The guarantee does not cover third party costs or costs that do not directly relate to the supplied product. Any such costs should be covered by the installation firm’s or the user’s insurance policies.

Guarantee period
Mora Armatur products are guaranteed for 2 years starting from the purchase date, or, if there is no purchase date, for 2 years after first use of the product (the customer must be able to prove the date of the final inspection of the installed product). Manufacturing and material faults are covered by guarantee for five (5) years starting from the purchase date.

Spare parts available for 10 years after the mixer is discontinued Our products are of high quality and designed to be used for many years. Mora Armatur supplies spare parts to maintain correct function for at least 10 years after the mixer is discontinued from Mora Armatur’s range. For accessories and shower systems, we guarantee supply of replacement products or equivalent materials to maintain product function. For coated products that are not chrome-plated, we guarantee spare parts for 2 years after the product is discontinued from Mora Armatur’s range.